Slick Income Recap – June 2016 Recap


In the pursue of generating slick income, here is my June 26th to July 3rd weekly report to you! This report will document the monthly income gain off slick income producing ideas. Hopefully this will help you to start getting into creating slick income as well.

Apps Reward

Slidejoy carats reward: 2950 = ~$3. (1000 carats = $1)

ReceiptHog Gold chip: 547 = ~$2.50(1000 goldchip = $5)

Shopkick: 780 kicks = ~$3 (1250 kicks for $5)

Stock Income from Robinhood

PIMCO High Income Fund: 3 shares produce 0.31 cents this week

Freelance Gigs

Writing articles for Seekingalpha: $159

Total Income $123.62


Recap Summary

June was a very good month in terms of producing income. The majority of the income came from writing for seekingalpha. So far, that seem to be an easy freelancing as I love following stocks and writing about them is a huge plus. From my personal brokage account, I earned 0.31 cents this month from PIMCO High Income Fund. While this is not a lot, the plan would be to continue collecting dividends and reinvest it. Now turning to the app reward side, Slidejoy has been fairly easy to use and is a very easy money maker. The average points I was receiving was 150 carats per day. ReceiptHog is the opposite of Slidejoy due to the fact that it is a slow money maker. Although it does not take much time to upload a receipt and receive gold chips, it does take a while. Last but not least, Shopkick produced 780 this week alone. The app seem to be very easy to use and seem to be a very easy money maker app.

Plan forward

The plan forward for July is to reinvest Slidejoy and ReceiptHog earning to Robinhood account. The next investment I’m looking into is Muni-Bonds that will produce tax free income. This is one method to reduce taxes each year but gain free money!  I will continue to use the app listed above and continue to write for Seekingalpha to produce more income on the side!

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