Best 10 Investing Apps



If you are looking to increase your slick investing skills, consider investigating into the following 10 Apps.

  1. Robinhood (Free Stock Trading)
  2. Betterment (Robo investing)
  3. Wellfront( Robo Investing)
  4. Openfolio
  5. FeeX
  6. Estimize
  7. Stocktwits
  8. Acorns
  9. Thinkorswim
  10. Forcerank

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5 apps that earn you money

5 apps to make extra slick incom

  1. Slidejoy



Slidejoy is a slick apps to use if you don’t mind selling your smartphone screen as ad space. The app is very easy to use and sign up. After installing, the app will place ad on your phone’s lock screen background. You can either swipe left or right to ignore the ad or engage in the ad. You will earned Carats whether or not you swipe left or right. The app advertise to use your phone normally. So far the average user typically take home an extra $5-$15 month. Beware when trying to fill out surveys or install games for extra carats. It is very buggy and usually does not work properly to reward you the carats. So this if you are looking to earn extra money, this app is for you. The popular exchanges are PayPal (2040 carats for $2), Amazon (2000 carats for $2) and other gift cards. So this if you are looking to earn extra money and not looking to do any work, this app is for you!


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